18 дек. 2011 г.

The UFO technology

We will tell you many things that may shock a lot of people.
We’ll describe the UFO technology.
The true physical principle of UFO motion will be revealed for the first time.
We will talk about future types of energy and weapons.
Something may seem impossible, but this is the true reality repeatedly tested confirmed by the experiments calculations and formulas.
We will talk you more about modern science.
We'll talk about things you have never heard.
We'll talk about no one has dared to speak yet.

When our children go to the college, we hope for a quality education.
So we can only hope of it.
But the reality is different.
There is one funny mathematically proven fact.
If our Real world was created by the modern physics laws, it couldn’t survive a second.
There would be nothing… no planets, no sun, nothing. Instant collapse of the system.
Avalanche process.
It is mathematically proved.
Newton reduced a remarkable formula - The law of universal gravitation.
But there is one feature. The formula is made like at random. Apple can not fall to the ground by this physical law.
Apple can only fly far into space, according to this formula.
In order to apple still fell at the ground, it is necessary to write the sign “minus” in front of the formula. In a physical - the real "magic" sign minus.
So, there is a trivial manipulation, prescribed in all modern education books.

The moon can not stay on orbit by this law. No forces, providing the balance.
Check it out can any physicist.

Set single shift and calculate the forces directed increment applied to the moon.
But the biggest problem is that this “minus is not the exclusive lying in the world of education and fundamental science. Modern physics society is built on fraud and lies.

Lies are so great, that pseudo-scientific nonsense is written in all the world's books. For the most plausible lies, many of them have been nominated for the Nobel Prize in physics.
The process develops like a snowball.
In order to substantiate this false minus, apple can’t fall without, many of them created science departments, who carried out operations with the magic minus. For example - all well known - vector algebra.
The main idea is the quantity (or scalar) is an integration of concepts: of length, area, weight, etc.
In nature it is: meter, liter, and so on.
There is no value in nature which can be negative.
There are no negative liters and there are no negative yards in nature.
It is easy to demonstrate. (Example of roulette. Nomination).

We can imagine any length in the space. For example this one. But we can’t indicate any negative length in space. The final value of any length is - zero.
Then is no any length, over the zero value.
We can implement any manipulations, but the length value will stay remain positive.
It is experimentally proved.
But the theorists really need this disadvantage. The apple does not fall at the ground without it.
You can look into the causes and find the essence, correct the error.
But theorists make it easier.
Physics are building the system of plausible lies.
Vector algebra deals with the substitution of concepts and values​​.
Substitution of concepts is when you call a giraffe like a crocodile.
48 meters is not a number – it is the value! And 48 mm, this is not a number, it is also the value. It is simple, values ​​are not numbers.
Values are just described. The substitution of concepts is a pseudo-scientific form of lying.
But theorists have lied for covering up errors from the previous lies.

Another example.
Can you do something, from nothing?
Can you take nothing, and create anything? No!
Can you take zeros and create anything from it?
If we take one “0” and add another “0”, and add many, many other zeros:
0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
No matter how many zeros will be addedthere will be always ZERO.
Imagine that there is
an infinite number of zeros. In any case, the sum of zeros is always zero.

From zero of sheeps, we’ll always get zero of lambs.
From zero
 sown grain we’ll get a zero yield.

Any smart person can understand it, but not every modern scientist.
scientists have a dream. Straight line
 consists of points, which have zero diameters.
In their opinion, line may consist of nothing.

Let’s experiment. Find out what does the line consist of.
Find it experimentally, what it is, 1 meter, linear value.

Let’s divide one line (for 1 meter) into constituent parts.
The result of experiment is: the linear size successfully was divided into any parts and the components have smaller linesizes.
Even if we divide the segment of line into very small parts, we can not get nothing.

The result is still the same, but just smaller parts.
The conclusion
:  the linear value (1 metr) consists of smaller linear values(The linear value doesn’t consist of any numbers or imaginary abstrations. It consists of real segment values, which confirmed by the experiment.

Let's look at another way.
Let's try to create distance.
We place a mark in the space and another mark by the meter and now we got a distance for 1 meter.
Let's try to create a length.
Let us arrange the points between the marks with zero diameters, like they study our children in schools.
Place 1 000 000 points, then another 1 000 000 points, then another. We can place it all the day and years for eternity. We can’t get any length value, until we place real objects between control points. 
Zero and tends to zero value - are different things.

The length can not be set by any type of abstractions: the point with zero diameter. Length can not be set to any number. The length is defined only by the value.
Theories about zero point are taught in the best universities of the world.
Teachers are forced to tell the children in secondary schools about  the lines, which consists of
 nothing. Points of zero diameters.
That’s all because these guys impose this nonsense to education system.
And it is our education system!
 children are studying in these schools and these universities.
This is a dark medieval, crept into the educational system in the 21st century!

Next example: there is no any negative forces and it is easy to prove experimentally.
We can
 make any effort.
 effort, little effort.
But we can not
 make a negative force.
 can pull on or push off, and it will be allways a positive force, of repulsion or attraction. But there are no any negative forces in the world.
It is
 experimentally proved.
But some
 academics are in need of negative forces and negative energies. Their theories can not be converged, without their lies.
 they are going to lie.

So, we have a questionWho actually is responsible for scoring this nonsense to student’s heads?
No alternative
Responsibility for this lies bears the Academy of Sciences Physics Department. The Academy oversees the development of courses in our main universities.

What is
 the Physics Department?
It is above all
 - people. They are wonderful. Academics like: Velikhov, Ginsburg, Alferov. The winners, including Nobel Prize winners.
This is one
 side of the coin.
 there is another side: the result of the collaboration. It is:
 generations of students have been trained by illiterate textbooks.
Number of
 nonsense in books doesn’t decrease, but increase.

Number of crazy theories increases and academics stimulate this process as much.
For example
, Academician Ginzburg - wonderful man, appealed for young scientists to develop the theory of strings.
The theory
 was originally created on the impossible axioms.
The theory
 is based on something in our universe, that can not exist. The product is false by definition.
So we have results of this
 recommendation, wasted yearsSpent by those, who has invested funds in those education.

The situation is terrible.
Can we create something reasonable, if you tell a lie here, then to tell a lie there too?
For example
 Academician Rubakov.
Expert in
 cosmology, a wonderful man.
He promotes
 the big bang theory, which is very fashionable in the world but it is insolvent.
 universe could not be the result of any explosion. It is proven mathematically.
 they borrow all this nonscience stuff?
, who promote a big bang in the 21st century are the same science charlatans like in the medieval alchemists extracting gold from the mouse droppings.
The situation
 in physics in many ways is similar in the Middle Ages.
Everywhere is only nonsense
Dark energy
, wormholes. These absurd and ridiculous names.

Why do they develop these theories in science community, if theories are unreasonable?
There are a lot of talks about multi-dimensional spaces in science.
Let’s experiment again.
Verify how much of geometric dimensions actually have our space.
Make some orthogonal movement of the ball.
Move straight up and then down.
This is a geometric dimension.
Move in the direction north / south.
This is the second geometrical dimension.
Move in the direction of west / east.
The third geometric dimension.
The result: the ball can not be moved along any additional defined orthogonal axes.
No other axes at right angles.
All movements of the ball relative displacements correspond to previously identified axes: OX, OY, OZ.
The conclusion: experiments confirmed that the space, in which we are, has exactly three geometric dimensions. (not four, not eight, not much else yet but it is experimentally confirmed three geometrical dimensions).
Repeat this experiment over time (after 7 days, 30 days, 365 days).
The experimental results remain unchanged.
The conclusion:  the space is independent geometric entity in reasonable limits,  in any way independent of the time. Time can not be located in any angles to these geometric dimensions. While the physical factor, time does not add any additional space geometry of dimensions and time is not a geometric dimension.

Representations, that time is one more geometric dimensionality, are naive, intellectually unsubstantiated and the pseudo-scientific speculation.
It’s advertise of science charlatans.
Yes! Some of them are academics.
They are real charlatans, such as the medieval alchemists.
You have seen a real experiment. Change the outcome result impossible.
You can shout, you can stomp feet. Doesn't matter.
Our only three-dimensional real space is proved. All other spaces are unrealistic imaginary spaces. Non-existent spaces, weak-minded spaces, whether who thought them up and what academics like it.

In order to justify curves in geometry, it’s used trivial substitution of terms.
This is when, wardrobe called a toilet.
Consider an example from the repertoire of contemporary grief theorists:
(Ball pen)
"Let the surface of a sphere is a space, then ..."
Direct will be a curve, a geodesic, and so on.

In the given approach already has banal nonsense. Falsification flat per volume.
It is known, that flat object has no volume. Initially, the volume of any flat object is zero. Nor any surface of a sphere can not be a space. By carrying out such trick in the initial axioms, we can get any weak-brained result. But such result, fabricated initially, can not have either a scientific status.This is a good example of pseudoscientists approaches used in modern science.

Methods used anecdotal.
Indeed like a joke.
Tear off two legs of cockroach, whistle,
cockroach is crawling…
Tear off two feet, whistle, cockroach is crawling…
Tear off the last two legs, whistle…
Cockroach doesn’t move. It can’t hear.

With the loss of six foot, cockroach loses hearing.
This is certainly a joke. 
Confused flat with volume, it's not smarter than to confuse legs and ears.
Scientists invented tales about curvature of space to cover up their helplessness in dealing with basic tasks.
Let experiment to detect the subspaces:
You can check if there is the curvature of space in the nature or not.
Check this is not complicated.
Fix in the real space an object, that has a real physical properties: the volume and density.
For present purposes we can use organic object - a pumpkin.
The second object using curved rod of a certain diameter and curvature radius.
We carry out manipulation of the object number 2 in the direction of object number 1.

If the geometric concept of relativity is correct, if the curvature of space really exists, then the end of the rod falls into the subspace .. If not true, then the end of the rod falls into a pumpkin, placed in a real three-dimensional space.
The result of the experiment:
The end of the rod does not fit in a subspace. Regardless of the pumpkin specific properties  - the result is stable and well defined. Consequently, we experimentally proved that the theory of relativity with the curves sauce intellectually unreasonable and the most banal fraud.
For understanding the experimental results? you can repeat it. Experienced object number 1 can be replaced on a theoretician head.

Curvature of space and subspaces do not exist.
We conducted an experiment and proved that the space is three dimensional.
You can tell that the Theory of Relativity allowed to substantiate various processes, but just check it and it's all a fraud.
The fact that the theory of relativity was introduced into the world sience slowed the global economy by at least 70 years.
The only thing that relativity theory allows, it is opportunity to falsify any plausible results.

Any counts or any results will be fake, if the theorist lied in the original axioms. There is absolutely no causal relationship
between fictional and real with this method.
If you received figure 6 by fictional calculation, that does not mean that you have six fingers on your hand.
This does not mean that there is any extra finger in the subspace or dark wormhole.
It just means that your initial calculation is based on incorrect axioms.
You must have causal link between phenomenon and calculation to get number 6.
All the curves of construction related to deviation of the same photon, as many as irrelevant to the form of pumpkin seeds in the stomach of a woolly rhino.
Exactly there is no relationship.

We used to think that the relativity theory is  something very intelligent and transrational.
But the union of non united things – it’s a method of cheaters.
You can think of many continua.
But they can not have any scientific meaning.
For example: the color-temperature continuum.
These terms are physically connected, but in reality, there is no any physical meaning.

For example you can successfully deal in the city budget and the municipal sewerage system.
But if you mix the budget and the municipal sewerage system, nobody will be able to understand in this fiscal sewage continuum. He may try to appear intelligent, but the budget is swept away to sewerage system.
That’s why brainy people understand it separately.
Separately dealt with sewerage and budget.

Well-known expression: fat, honey, juice, and nails. It’s like the true meaning of the space-timecontinuum.
Mix fat, then add nails and little juice.
Now we got fat-nails-juice continuum.
This is the same continuum as the space-time continuum.
Hammer it into a wall is not possible, because of fat.
Eating is also impossible, since we prevent nails.
It can not even throw in the toilet. Can clog the drains.
But now we can cheerfully lie on its properties.
For example, as a result of sliding nail in fat, curved space and energy is released.
Any continuum primarily is a tool about scientific fraud.

First, tales about line consists of zeros, then tales about  flat has volume, then tales about curved space. So this is not physics, it’s fantastic botany.
Newton's law holds in the universe when two bodies are composed, or universe is filled with bodies.
At the same time, external influence may be balanced.
If we ask our theorists, whether it is balanced, and who tested it and when, it turns out that nobody and never test it.
And the fact that external influence is balanced, their grandmothers told them.
This is the level of modern fundamental science.

But if we perform the calculation, we’ll find that the influence of an unbalanced body and the external influence are associated.
If grief-theorists have not considered this effect, all other academic calculations on gravity are unfounded.
Apple may fall to the ground by one of two scenarios.
The first scenario - when all bodies in space are attracted, that’s why apple falls.
The second scenario - all the bodies in space are  repelled from each other. As a result, we have the samegravitational forces that push the apple to the ground.

One result. One formula. No any differences.
Even looking at the sky, we even can not say for sure what scenario is true.
What scenario version of the gravity really provided the fall of apple.

We can tell nothing, until start performing calculations and experiments.
Experiments and calculations show us that the falling of apple is possible only by complex repulsion. Apple does not fall to the ground under the direct gravitation, prescribed in all textbooks.
Apple can only fly into far space by the direct gravity.
What does it mean?
Once again, there is lie in most textbooks.
Lie has educated several generations of students.
How can it be?
So, this has happened before.
First, the Earth was flat in minds of theorists .
And we could not even explain what is the Globe at those days.
In response, we heard that the land can not be round.

All of the water would leak away, and we would have fallen down.
Then the earth was presented in the center of the world. Orbits of the planets have forms of curves loops.
And no one wanted to represent the real world.
We could hear something like this: “Science has reached unprecedented heights.” Or: “Already invented the wheel.” Or: “We do sand chronometers.”
If we ask now: “Dear theorists, is everything with ou’re your theories ok?”
We got many interesting things to say.
But in fact, everything is not so good.
This system is very simply.
When we have a respectable theoretical basis, we realize the theory in practice, so we have practical devices, working for humanity.

For example, electrical engineering.
We have decent theory.
As a result, we have the power, electric motors, lighting.
All that we have, irons, television sets, this is a consequence of the theory.
Let's look at the gravity.
Have we got anti-gravity engine?
No. We are still exploring the space by ancient chinese jet thrust, in fact.

We have modernized, developed it almost to perfection, but still send hightech practically firewood. We are used to, but we can orbit the spaceship only by fireburning.

If you force the student to study untenable theory, what he will be able after complete the education?
What can he create?
Nothing, based on the crazy theories.
After all, it is impossible to understand the delusional theory, you can only learn it by heart.
And in fact, Person is not an expert, if he does not realize what he is doing.

Thank God, that now no one teach us that the earth is flat and is based on three pillars.
We do not agree that our children study at an antique lie.
It is no good that our children study in today's lies. It is no better than in medieval.
After all, you can also study our children and for the right books.
Why we must sacrifice our education system for the sake of a few academics?

Yes, some theories are popular in the world.
But why we like to follow it?
Some Cameroonian stargazers still believe that the earth is flat. So, what?

If you set the minus sign right, so we can find previously unreported gravitational factor.
A real physical force, which causes tides, and the comet's tail and so on.
But grief-theorists are still developing ridiculous non-existent curves, instead of consider processes in the real nature.

Suppose the Earth falls at the Sun on the straight.
The Earth is in free fall (no gravity space) and the ocean takes form of the proper sphere.
But what is the difference between body at the orbit and body in a state of weightlessness?
There is no difference. (the point of the fall - "goes" to the side).
So, there are no ocean flows, if the body is in state of weightlessness and no forces. According to the direct gravity - no.

We have no rights to use sun force in a second time. And we do not have the right to use moon force in a second time.
So, if there is no forces - there are no ocean flows.
(Tide height is greater than estimated height. It is recognized by the official science).

The rejection of the complex in the longitudinal and transverse directions is different, because of correct complex version of the gravity.
Thee is discharged the area and foce impact is lower in the longitudinal direction.
Water rises from both sides. More from one side, less from another. It’s completly the same with the observations.
But the students do need to know it.
Because, some of academics have to carry their works in trash.
Nobody and can copy the model of planetary system on the basis of modern attractive force. 
Can the moon keep at the orbit only on gravity attraction?
And in general,  is it possible any planetary motions ob the basis of gravity attraction.
No, the calculations prove it.
Planetary equilibrium is impossible on basis of only gravity attraction.
It is impossible mathematically.

The moon can not stay at the orbit by this gravity attraction. Equilibrium is impossible mathematically and experimentally.
But they can not write about it in their textbooks.
Younger generation know nothing about it.
They can understand, that uncles-academics write delirium in the textbooks.
Suddenly, they can realize what is taught in the best universities of the country.
And it is mathematically proven fact.
It is confirmed by the calculations and formulas.
The universe would have collapsed within seconds by these laws.
All phisics community can not disprove this fact.
And they really have nothing to say.
What does it mean?
This means that the real nonsense is taught in the universities, including MSU, named in honor of the great scientist – Lomonosov, where is rector - Sadovnichy, wonderful man, a physicist.
If we forget all this stupidity.
If we follow only reliable scientific evidence, the space – is endless.
It is infinite in all directions.
The space is uniformly filled with galaxies, at the macro level.
There is no end of space.
No edge of the universe.
The universe was not created by the big bang.

The space is not curved. Not curved nor there, neither here, nor anywhere else.
The universe was always and everywhere.
This is a mathematically rigorous proven fact.
Now the good news.
If we correct this pseudo-scientific nonsense in physics, the result will be a theory, that has no limits of applicability.
The theory, which already makes possible: to gain access to most powerful new energy source.
The energy will cover all the needs of humanity. The energy, that is much more powerful than anything available today, including nuclear energy.
This energy is available today.

Besides, this is clean energy
It is almost free energy.
What kind is this energy?

We talk about the gravitational energy. About the tension of the gravitational field.
Analising the gravitational field tension (according to well-known concepts of Newton), we conclude: The tension increases approaching the bodies, which have a mass.
The larger mass, the more tension.
While this is the main point of view in science, but it is one-sided and naive.
Fundamentally, we must see minimum of two independent terms:
1. Local gravitational tension (produced by the body, itself).
2. Basic gravitational tension (defined set of bodies).

There is only one possible option for the basic tension:
the basic gravitational tension of field at the any point in space is constant.
And it does not depend on approximations to the weight of body.
The tension value of the base gravitational field  is the maximum possible at the same time.

So, there is a gravity tension anywhere near you  more than near the Sun (the current representations).
And if we compare the partial gravity of the Earth and the real gravity of the base field the differences are huge.
Values ​​with obscene number of zeros.
If we represent it graphically (roulette), that distinction is comparable like kilometers and an indiscernible of a millimeter.
At  the graph the Earth tension is shown by a parts of millimeter, and the whole universe tension is shown by miles.

It is happened because of gravitation fields are overlaying each other, and the gravity interaction is not limited by the distance (it is only descrease).
The number of objects (mass) which are involved in the interaction increases because of the field expansion, then the superposition of fields at each other aligns the value of the gravitaty tension.
This is a field which has an unusually high potential.
At any point in space.

It's available and we can use it today.

Some scientists argues that we can’t understand the UFOs principle.
They say that it physically impossible.
Any living organism will not stand overloads in UFO spacecraft, and it will not survive.
Similar view was voiced by respected academician Velikhov.

Let's see at reality situation.
Suppose we place a person on a certain platform and than have made an effort to that platfome.

The platform begins to move.
The inertial forces restrain the person.

Now let's see at the gravitational field.
The gravitational influence spreads at all bodies which have mass.
It spreads at the platform and at the located on it person.

The same force, which is attached to the platform, is applied to each point, to each human cell.
And if the platform will move in any direction because of the simulated gravitational field influence, the person will start to move to the same direction.
And the person will not be subjected to any overloading.
He will not even feel that the platform began to move.

The same situation is with moving upright and in any other directions.
When you move this platform up, person will not be pressed into the platform.
It is possible to create a real physical system, which will move in space, almost at any speed, in any directions until instant stop.
And the person will not be exposed to any  accelerations in such device.
Besides, the gravity cutoff in the physical meaning, this is a deep structural impact on time.
The practical access to impact technology at the time, in a closed circuit.

There is a naive point of view in modern physics, that movements back in time are theoretically possible.
In fact, time travel is possible only forward in the future.
It is impossible to get back from the future. The reverse movement in time different.

We consider both possibilities:
Example number 1:
You are in contour, inside which the time is slowed down, for example 1 to 1000 minutes. Having lived in this contour for a minute and came out of it, you'll find yourself in the future (1000 minutes from the reference point).
Example number 2.
You are in contour, inside which the time is going faster, for example 1000 to 1 minutes. Having lived in this contour 1000 minute, you came out of it after 1 minute from the reference point.

These examples clearly show that there are two possibilities for moving through time, but it is impossible go back in time.

If we have such device, nothing prevents us to collect launched warheads within two months (in slowdown time), having real flyingtime half an hour.
And this technology is possible today.

What this technology means in practice.
First of all, this is a technical devicies moving ½ speed light, and without any overloading.

No one modern technology can not compete with similar devices.
Most advanced aviation technologies are out of the competition  and unreacheble.

Imagine the battle with usual modern jets, moveing multiplesound speed in which pilots are overstretched in the maneuvers.

And aircrafts, in which there is no overloads and almost no limit of the speed.

No real resistance in this situation.
Such speeds are unnecessary in the near-Earth space.
Explore deep space with such speed wil be reasonable.

The second detail is gravity shield.
We can not care about aerodynamics of these devices.
The aerodynamic of device and everything inside depends of force field shape.
There is no limits on the environment.
We’ll even not be able to see the burning entering the atmosphere.
The gravity field has no hard circuit provides friction.
Ship with success can be moved in both the atmosphere and in vacuum and under water. In one case, it is surrounded by a field of air in the second - from water.
The field acts like a ram at the same time.
Formally, there is even no limit on the movement of solid space.
It may sounds fantastic.
The ship covering will not be damaged.
It will not contact with the environment

It is not possible to shoot down this ship.
Any warhead will be absorbing by field without mechanical effect.
And what are the characteristics of the field to break it mechanically impossible in principle.

Suppose that Cannonball object get close to the ship at high speed in a collision course. A collision is imminent.
The object begins to feel an increasing influence of directed towards gravitational forces.
The force increases in inverse proportion to the square of the distance, and the object gets stuck in the field and slips away.
The ship and everything inside can not even feel it's external action. Because it is not field generated by the vehicle, but the field generated by all the bodies in universe. 
Any external object, get closer to the ship, will contact with external field of ship.
And this power is almost unbelievable.
And in terms of energy it is an inexhaustible source.

As a result we lose nothing energy.
As a result we slightly slowed the expansion of the observable universe. 
And slowed down to the smallest value.
It is an inexhaustible source of energy.
With this energy resource, we can carry out anything. 
We can move the continents, move planets.
We can provide all the energy we need.
Why is it available now?
Because we know all about this field.

There are two developing ways.
If we publish all information, every nation will be able to implement the project almost for several years.

If we develop it in our state, we’ll have an anticipation of 80 - 300 years.
These are serious numbers.
We can become the richest state in a short time. 
With a full technological advance.

By the way, objects moveing this principle, are named by scientists as UFO.
Some scientists react of these physics facts such way:
Nevermind, it can not be!
However, these facts are quite explainable physical nature.
And no matter we believe in the existence of UFOs or not believe.
The idea of such moveing in space is achievable physically and technically today. We can already make such technical devices.

We have full comprehensive theoretical framework.
You only need to overcome prolonged academic dementia at all levels.

If we place such technical devices in the space and start to affect on basic universal gravitational field,
all bodies in space will be affected.
No matter how great the body mass is, it will move in set direction.
And the number of masses is not determinative in this system.

The work is performed by slightly changed slightly changed basic universal field, not our private field. If we deploy a similar field near Mercury,
Mercury will move in the required direction.
If we deploy this field near Saturn, Saturn begin to move.

And this is reality of today.
It is technically possible at all stages, construction of devices and any further actions.
We can take away any asteroids of the Earth, and we need nothing to blow up.
We can exclusively use these technologies.
But we can publish and present it to humanity.
But in this case, Russia will be deprived of the competitive advantages.
And besides, arms race, which history has never known is already running.

What is the gravitational device?

The required efficiency of the gravitational device (to  overcome  Earth's gravity).
"Efficiency of gravitational devices " must be more than unity (or 100%) and as follows:

To come off the Earth, we must:
- to overcome Earth gravity. 
We must create a device, that affects the gravitational spectrum (for gravity).

That is: If we stand at a site with limited the attraction, the effectiveness of this limit should be at least 100%. We do not get "a vector for comeing off the Earth." We can only get zero gravity (equilibrium force)  reaching 100% efficiency. To come off we need more effort. (practice shows that 100% efficiency  is unachievable.)

But it goes another way in real physics.
Potential of base gravity field is constant.
This is the required efficiency of the gravitational device.

Indicator, which show the necessary degree (measure) of usage (in percent) of physical phenomenon, to achieve result. 
Calculated like

- (efficiency, required in percent (ratio of Earth mass to the mass of largest known object. (observed / bodies that are theoretically possible)).
The required effectiveness is a small share of one percent.

Everything you hear is confirmed by experiments and mathematical calculations.
We have full evidence base.
Provided materials are defeat for the Physics. No one academician can tell something intelligible on these facts.
Because it is going as we have described.

The truth is on our side.

The verification is obtained:
There is no direct gravity. 
No dark matter, no dark energy.
There was no any Big Bang and never. 
The spatial concept of the theory of relativity - is untenable. Vector algebra has only one eye.
There was no quantum theory of gravity and never be. Theory of time - no. Unified field theory - no. Well, what do we have?
We have physics from Hans Christian Andersen.

Suppose you're a baker and you bake bread in the 11th century.
No matter what plus or minus and what forces are directed.

But if scientists will place these signs correctly, then bread will be baked on electricity, not on fire.
This happened with electricity theory, pluses and minuses were placed correctly, so we have what we have. Pluses and minuses are failed to place in the theory of gravity. As a result, there is no any anti-gravity, or other devices.
Because of this fail, all gravity - it seems weird,
like as electricity seemed unattainable for bakers in the 11th century.
If you are a modern baker and you let your children to a physical university, it will break their brains. 
They will cease to understand:
That the force is always positive.
They will cease to understand a lot of important things.
And all because of one sign “minus”. They disfigure half of the physics.
Modern scientist doesn’t understand quite simple things.
You can not make even scatter tights by the inside attractive forces
And any orbit could not be formed by the big bang version.
And it will not be any kind of orbital if forces do not return the body to orbit.
Your son will come back from a modern university with a broken brain, and will be telling nonsense.
The same as in the 11th century, like the earth is flat and is in the center of the universe.
Today's students realy believe that if you look into the far with a very powerful device you can see back of his head because of the space is curved.

And now about  the bureaucratic system.
It turns out that the development is easier to sell abroad than to implement in the country.
Our bureaucratic superstructure in the sciences and education, don’t catch mice.
Development carried out in Russia.

Russia may have a monopoly these technologies.
But officials are not even able to implement full scientific examination of this area of physics.

There is no expert in this area in the physical branch of RAS. There is no one official science, competent to even understand what actually happens. 
The situationon is absurd.
RF government provides funding for research and development of super technologies. 
But everythig is available a long time ago.
But the documents are traveling in  the bureaucratic desks.

Let suppose that the thinking activity of science officials not allow them to understand what is happening, so strategic works may go abroad.
Suppose, it will put into practice an another country.

For example Iran.
It's overwhelming weapon superiority.
It's overwhelming energy and economy superiority.
This is unprecedented scope of expansion influence.
The scenario that the Earth will be called the Great Islamic Persia Planet is not excluded.
And it's not such a fantastic.

What kind of benefits we speak about:
1. Using a fundamentally new energy resource, without  any material value in terms of  modern market economy. 

2. Almost complete lack of costs for production and delivery of energy supply to energy producing device.
3. The lack of practical and technical limitations on the amount of produced energy.
4. The ability to create highly compact extremely huge power plants  (many times larger than the nuclear energy or other types.)

5. Reducing the cost of necessary expenses. (tens or hundreds of times).
Ability to monopolization of the high-tech sectors of the market:
energy market, space transport, weapons, etc.).

We tell you a small part of information.
Part of the information about project is available online in WEB.
Calculations, formulas, experiments.

In fact, everything is much more interesting than you can think!
Yours, Victor Katyushchik.

Look for our publications!

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