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Academician Jaures Alferov - charlatan.

Academician Jaures Alferov - charlatan.
It looks like no one I think Alferov charlatan.

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One of the most controversial figures in Russia Academy of Sciences, Vice President RAS Jaures Alferov. All his life he was no scholar, and "a prominent organizer of Soviet science." This title is entitled to respect, but it should not be confused with the phrase "world-class scientists." This is completely different activities, which require dissimilar talents. Nevertheless Jaures Alferov spoke on behalf of the corporation real investigators, supposedly protecting their interests. And since "phenomenon Alferov" is growing to the scale of social phenomena, is to look into it more closely.

Numerous television and print interviews Alferov public perceives as the voice of the scientific elite, which contributes significantly to the mention of the Nobel Prize, prirosshee to the name of academician. Meanwhile, povraschavshis from His Physico-Technical Institute of St. Petersburg, it is easy to find out that the scientific contribution of academician in the collective work, for which Alferov received the most prestigious international award, is minimal. Academician was the team leader and as such played an organizer and administrator of works that have met Garbuzov, Tretyakov (that's what really Fizteha legend!), Andreev, Kazarinov and Portnoy. The first three received the state award, the latter two received nothing, and Academician Alferov went to Stockholm and to write his name in the annals of world science .

75-year-old Jaures Ivanovich age can not lead the Mathematics and Physics. But the power in the Institute for him a matter of principle. PhysTech gets maximum budget financing, and their distribution - the real source of influence Alferov at the institute, where he was actively dislike and Sciences, where his side. In order to remain at the helm, Alferov built a complex structure of the four state unitary enterprises, each of which has its own legal entity. This is, firstly, the Physical-Technical Institute named after Ioffe - the largest of organizations Alferov, secondly, SEC Center for Microelectronics and Submicron Heterostructures, relatively modest size, and thirdly, svezheotstroenny Scientific and Educational Complex (NOC) on the street Khlopina, 8 and, fourthly, the physical-technical school, which was recently transferred to the building of the NOC. All this construction, in turn, merged into a sort of "holding" with the general academic council and the president. They call the president Jaures Alferov.

Jaures Ivanovich appointed by the President himself, but as leader to execute him too busy. After talking with scientists, we can see that PhysTech not actually managed. Offices and laboratories have their own life, which is good in terms of freedom of creativity and research initiative, but it is absolutely contraindicated if the State intends to carry out major research projects with the calculated economic benefit. Norilsk Nickel sold copiers work a decade ago that led to the righteous anger of metallurgists, to terminate the contract. And when Minatom ordered for its center in Snezhinsk (RFATS VNIITF) cultivation technology for the LED structures, atomic scientists were developing, in which no LEDs fail. The result was the same as with Nornikel: money taken, but the useful effect of zero. It turns out that major technologies suitable for commercialization, the FTI is not. In what state invests the money?

The answer is simple: budget funds pumped into the pockets of merchants from science. The territory Fizteha are many small companies that use the area, premises and equipment state institute for commercial development. Directs staff Fizteha, which in the activities of their companies develop a profit for themselves, but without any benefit for the institute are the same areas, which are paid by the state. This business is profitable and competitive point of view. Entrepreneurs from PTI did not pay for utilities and rent, do not bear any expenditure on research and development, not making the VAT for purchase of equipment. They only sell manufacture of test samples, obviously dempinguya. Which is interesting, very PTI not to fall from this trade penny. Head of Lab explained that the cost (budget!) Until excess profits (diverging in the pockets), but because the main supplier of financial resources must remain the state. Set the real value of turnover businessmen Fizteha difficult - not checks RAS activity FTI, and it would be strange if the Vice President RAS Jaures Alferov has initiated such a test.

Indecent story with the award itself prize "Global Energy" in 2005 (bonus fund - $ 1 million) made to recoil from Jaures Alferov RAS President Yuri Osipov. May 25 exquisitely polite letter he put Alferov advised that the resignation as a member of the Advisory Board of the Global Energy Prize "in connection" with the heavy workload at work. " But dedicated clear that the sudden increase in "congestion" is caused by a natural desire to make it clear to the scientific community that the decision to Alferov's Fund Osipov not involved. Prize awarded for work in the field of solar energy - known in the world, for example, the name of PTI Andreeva working in this field. But no one had heard about the outstanding contribution Alferova in solar energy. Perhaps this is something heard the son of Academician Ivan Zhoresovich Alferov, managing the distribution of money Alferov's Fund. When journalists piterskogo "Channel Five" inquired where Jaures Ivanovich go away his million, the academician explained that he was going to buy equipment for its scientific and educational complex. Let us dwell on this subject a little more detail.

In the modern and spacious building of scientific and educational complex of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences of FTNOTS Fizteha transported all the best and workable equipment. The operation to free transfer of valuable property from one legal entity to another is questionable from a legal point of view, but even more curious, why is it needed? It seems FTI im. Joffe, stripping the instrument base, completely written off and turned into a conglomerate of tenants. Graduate Institute of that rank will not be privatized, so the lack of attention to his old office manager is understandable from a material point of view. In addition to all the secrets of the Institute has long had access well-known business predator Samsung, has created a joint laboratory with the FTI. Employees PTI regularly leave to work in a Korean concern, using the intellectual potential and deliverables Fizteha for the benefit of "Far Eastern tiger. So in terms of scientific know-how PhysTech too little attractive. But the building of the NOC, along with valuable equipment svezennym there may well fall into the privatization list Rosimushchestvo. The institute so directly and say: "Jaures Ivanovich prepares for privatization."


© "Novye Izvestia (Moscow), 30.06.2005
Stranglethorn road

Stanislav Kunitsyn

Minister Andrei Fursenko offers separate property of science today at a meeting of the government will consider increasing the efficiency of public sector science in which the keynote speaker, Minister of Education and Science Andrei Fursenko.

The Minister proposes to establish clear criteria for the appropriateness of the research, working to reduce wasted scientific organizations, increasing at the expense of funding for the way forward. In addition, the Ministry of Education sees fit to put under state control revenues guidance of Sciences of the real estate management.

As the number of researchers Russia ranks first in the world. However, neither this nor the Nobel Prize that happened in Russia Academy of Sciences, where the average salary of employees does not exceed 7000 rubles, was no longer able to maintain the prestige of Russia's science, even in the eyes of its own citizens.

A special study on this topic recently conducted in 44 major cities of the Fund "Public opinion". It turned out that the activities of the Academy approves only 40% of respondents. A year ago this figure was at 61%.

Confirms the validity of such pessimism, and global statistics. On the efficiency of innovation policy, our country is now 69-th place in the world.

In Russia, 70% of academic institutions are state owned. Moreover, contrary to popular opinion, government spending on science from year to year increase. In the 2006 budget for these purposes provided 71.7 billion rubles. June 2 the Ministry of Education and Science has submitted to the Government Office of the RF plan for modernizing the academic sector of science, which allowed the use of budgetary funds allocated RAS maximum impact. In particular, the document contains proposals for the restructuring of Sciences: establish clear criteria for appropriateness of the research, working to further reduce wasted scientific organizations, increasing at the expense of funding for the way forward. In addition, the Ministry of Education sees fit to put under state control revenues guidance of Sciences of property management provided by the institution in perpetuity free of charge.

As expected the authors of the project, agreed with the concept of reform of Sciences will be placed before the Cabinet before July 1. However, the process has advanced only to the stage of reading the document academic authorities and at this stage seems to have slowed down.

The participants at the end of May general meeting of Sciences flatly refused to accept the terms of the concept, seeing in the proposed measures "financial strangulation with an eye on the privatization of scientific institutions." However, the desperate resistance of the scientific elite change was not unexpected.

Accounting Chamber of Russia in 2002, checking the finances of Sciences, found a "non-target costs" by the Academy of budgetary funds in the amount of 137 million rubles. for 2000-2001.

Subsequently, the Audit Chamber has suspended the application of provisions on a case of sanctions, taking into account the statement by the Vice-President of RAS Academician Gennady Mesyats, who promised "to resolve to the Government the issues that led to the violation of normative legal acts." The wording, as can be seen, slurred. However, over the signature of the influential pundit enough and such.

But if that? Unlike. In the I quarter of last year, the Academy was visited by the auditors of Property, verified by the Agency for Property Management Sciences for harmonization of investment contracts. The audit was conducted oversight agency in connection with the special treatment of the FSB of Russia. As it turned out, the state property management of RAS in fact, freely dispose of their interests, not having the special rights. As the commission report, "in a number of investment treaties include provisions that violate the requirements of federal law regarding the transfer of federal property." For example, February 28, 2003 Head of the Agency academician Leopold Leontiev signed between the PMU "Publishing House" Science "(a division of RAS) and JSC" Dekra Academic Invest to build office and residential buildings on land owned by the "Science" in Pozharskiy Lane . The market value of land and the total investment in the contract is not specified, the figures only the residual book value of buildings destined for demolition. During the test, the constituent documents revealed that the company "Dekra Academic Invest" was officially registered in just a week before the commission's decision to conclude with RAS investdogovor. Of course, for a provision on the law of competition among potential investors in this case, as in many others, we are not even attending. acting on the same lines, the agency put into circulation was a huge money lands in the heart of Moscow, signed an investment agreement between the Office of the affairs of the RAS and OJSC Holding Company Glavmosstroy; Institute of State and Law and the Academic Law University, Institute of Latin American and OOO "KV-Engineering.

Official revenue from rental of Sciences academic real estate over the past year amounted to about 800 million rubles. Shadow income received by the Administration of the Academy only identified during the audit illegal contracts, experts estimated 4-5 billion rubles. As for the real scope of the development of the gold veins, something about them can only guess at - "authoritative" for example, RAS today should be a big part of various public research organizations.

In this case the only source of funds for continued research and salary staff continues to be the state budget.

So the desire of the Ministry of Education and Science to consolidate all funds received by academic institutions in the use of state property, it is understandable. According to the draft reform, control over the distribution of these revenues will be engaged in special public councils.

With regard to the RAS, then she plays the role of expert and coordinating organization in the field of basic science. Everyone, as they say, his own.


© "profile", 20.06.2005
How specifically sawed "Russian Nobel"

Sergei Leskov

President of Russia Academy of Sciences Yuri Osipov has written a statement in which only one line. Academician Osipov - mathematician, and this line is simple and reissued as a mathematical formula. RAS President Yuri Osipov has written notice to the effect that will cease to be Acting Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the international prize "Global Energy", which is the largest prize in Russia.

The idea of premium in 2002 was the first time publicly voiced by Putin, who persuaded her advocacy and practical usefulness of the Nobel laureate Jaures Alferov. "Global Energy" had been declared as "Russian Nobel, which corresponds to Russia and the giant size of the award's standards - about $ 1 million prize is awarded for achievements in energy, where Russia and the cold northern country, has many undoubted victory.

The founders of the "Global Energy" had become "Gazprom, Yukos and RAO UES of Russia". The prize is awarded three times already. In 2005, the scrip Yukos was empty, and the honor to sponsor entrusted the loyal Surgutneftegaz. The first award was presented by his own president of Russia, he disdained the second ceremony, on the third, scheduled for the end of June, according to rumors, will not have, and the Prime Minister.

President of the Academy of Sciences - member of the Security Council and many other of the Presidential Council, at meetings of the government is sitting at the main table near the prime minister. At these times it is difficult to recall another case that a high official of that rank to voluntarily resign from a higher authority. I figured mathematician Osipov consequences? Today in the stable state officials did not vzbrykivayut, but for this they are allowed to carry. Why mathematician Osipov dared to violate this very axiom? Because he, the Chairman of Advisory Board of "Global Energy", ashamed of the decision committee. Last award was too much:

In 2005, the Global Energy Prize "awarded to the Chairman of the International Committee of the Global Energy Prize" Academician Jaures Alferov (together with the German professor). Such incidents do not know either one prize in the world. For more than a century of its existence, the Nobel Prize has not received a single member of the Nobel Committee. But Russia has its own morality, their ethics - including, as it turned out, in science, the purity and high principles which likes to talk a Communist Jaures Alferov. Another of his favorite topic - the poverty of science, which enough to maintain the state. But own experiment Alferov said that this is a false statement. Just not all scientists have learned to use the state.

Incidentally, the former was awarded with the subtext. First Prize (together with an American who supported the nomination of Alferov, the Nobel Prize) went to Vice President RAS Gennady Mesyats, which at that time disposed of in the academy's cash flow and real estate. Incidentally, another month and a member of the Expert Council of "Global Energy". Second prize went to Academician Alexander Sheindlin, who is the honorary director of the institute, headed by the chairman of the Expert Council of "Global Energy". In the scientific community There are persistent rumors that the largest prize in Russia are divided, dividing it in a narrow and a trusted circle. This is on current concepts is called "cut it":

Good thing invented. And very sorry that so quickly "Global Energy" become dirty and grind. But what surprised? With the premium received exactly as with Yukos, one of its founders. Yukos sawed those who determine his fate. And "Global Energy" its judges sawed on the same algorithm. High sample is contagious, but harmless.

Therefore should not be president of the RAS deal chistoplyuystvom. Or he does not know what smart people talk about white crow?

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