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Gravitational interaction, the foundations of cosmology. 2.

Three-dimensional problem of determining orientation component forces gravity.

Identified components of the forces of gravity, as repulsive forces from the complex of remote objects.

Used concepts:

Object - existing in the space of material formation.

Matter - Existing in the space of content having properties and forming objects.

(Substance, applied to Law of universal gravitation treated (in the narrower sense) as bulk.)

Density of matter -- ratio of substance to the volume it contains. Regard to the Law of the World Gravity matter density

interpreted as expressed as .

Dedicated volume - Certain volume summing up in a number of substances

sufficient for the formation - The number of galaxies.

Macro level - A certain amount of embodying - Number selected volumes.

Interaction forces - The forces of interaction between the educated of material objects (gravitational force).

Consider the patterns of distribution of matter in the Universe. To consider these patterns to choose some standard uniform distribution of matter and - Criterion uneven distribution of matter.

There are only two versions of the theoretically possible distribution of matter in space, the relevant requirements requirements to the standard uniform distribution of matter.

Option 1 (the dynamics of saturation). A certain amount is not filled with material Entity, does not contain a substance having density of matter content tends to zero (Fig. number 59)

Fig. № 59 Fig. № 60

Option 2. (dynamics distribution) A certain volume uniformly filled with material entities - Containing uniformly distribution of substances having a density of matter content equal none value (Fig. number 60)

In addition to the above apply, there is no any other way to distribute the material on volume more evenly. Consequently, the choice of a standard of uniformity can be achieved only from the above options.

Consider Both options are described in detail.

Option number 2. (some volume uniformly filled material entities)- Clearly is a collection individual ripples (Fig. number 61). Fig. № 61

In same time, Case number 1. (a certain amountNot filled with material Education)Can be considered as a special case of option number 2, having the density of substances tending to zero (Fig. number 62).

Based What to take for standard uniformity version number 1, ie certain volume is not filled material entitiesThat does not contain a substance having density of substances tending zero . (This condition uniformity characterized if not saturated).

Based that the criterion uneven should reflect state of matter opposite of the uniform (in our case opposite not saturated)

- Take criterion for the uneven distribution substances -- ratio of substance to the volume, it contains.

is a choice criterion uneven coincided with density

through because .

Consider patterns of distribution of matter in the universe.

For any this volume, with any number of substances, indicator uniformity (the ratio of substance to the volume it contains), the total be less (or equal to the particular case) the maximum of the indicators of inequality a volume volumes .


As clarifying example:

Fig. № 63


This dependence is determined by the geometry three-dimensional space and valid for any numerical valuesAs well as for all theoretically possible variants distribution of matter in bulk. Since neither of the other theory possible solution to this relationship does not exist, statement:

uneven rate (the ratio of substance to the volume of its containing) the total will be less than (or equal to the particular case) maximum performance from the uneven its constituent volumes --

- accepted as only possible.

- Is major cosmological dependence (defining actual location of matter in the universe).

From described dependence makes it clear that increasing the volume of summing up in itself zone maximum irregularity (defined according to criteria) and commensurate indicator is not uniformly increasing the volume with exponent unevenness of the initial volume We obtain increasing uniformity matter distribution increasing volume. This situation is highly regulated before described dependence and does not imply any other theory possible solutions, by virtue of which is unquestionable, and her only decision contested.

With increasing of the volume increases the uniformity of distribution on it substance consequently allocated to two equal volumes and When their sufficient of volume, value matter density and be respectively equal.

This conclusion is only possible, direct result proved above approval.

Based on the fact that science (physics and geometry) provides only two theoretically possible options are not mechanical application of forces to any object, namely through the application of forces the application of forces of repulsion and attraction (hence the application of any other forces is impossible and contrary to science), we have reason to assert that proving the insolvency of one of the described methods of application of forces, we are thus excluding him from the two theoretically possible ways of application of forces to objects.

Place the selected volume in the center of a certain, much more close-up volume . Define macro volume average density equal to unity. Let the selected volume density of matter Not equal to unity. Let the forces of interaction (from the theoretically possible). Modeled processes, we obtain the following:

For the scheme, it is theoretically possible Only four of the situation arising from: two versions of the application of forces to objects and two options for specifying the density of matter. Each of the described situations has only one theoretically possible sequence of development events (ie, other options are not possible).

Fig. № 64 Fig. № 65

Variants with forces attraction density of matter cause emergence of a cascade accelerating the process of formation of macro-bodies (Fig. number 64) , a density substance respectively rarefied field (Fig. number 65) Consequently, there are signs of unstable power balance and incompatible with the condition of continued existence of objects. Variants of the forces repulsion in both cases and the density of matter and at matter density cause equalize the total value of the density of matter - Contained in macro level, and therefore correspond to a stable power equilibrium. For each of the four situations described in any science-based approach is possible only one scenario, there are other scenarios impossible.

By that we considered all theoretically possible variants of development of Ecumenical natural process, and Results this review clearly talk about the impossibility of either Forces of attraction of direct, long-term existence of the universe, in everyday form (or a uniform mass distribution at the macro level, or planetary systems) At the same time on opportunities existence of planetary systems on the strength of repulsion,

We come to the only possible conclusion:

Conclusion. Prevailing idea that gravity is caused name is strength attraction - are not true.

Only two options are possible existence of gravitational forces:

Option 1: The components of the gravitational forces are the forces repulsion. This components forces attraction not as such.

Option 2: The gravitational force generated by the action two types of power components: the components of repulsion and components attraction, the latter being much smaller component of repulsion, and resultant force of both types of components are clearly forces repulsion, generators, in turn, the bulk scheme forces pull (pritalkivayuschie) objects to each other, ie force of gravity.

Of terms of equality of matter density, we have allocated amounts in any direction on the subject-object equal of substance. Consequently, the full range of remote objects, for convenience of computation can be reduced to a sphere whose center coincides with the center of the object, with referral to the same center of the components of the forces of gravity. Any the other the object in question can be reduced to such a scheme in which set of remote objects, are essentially the same as in the previous case, as expressed through the sphere, has a center, does not coincide with the center first sphere.

Comments on the dark energy and dark matter.

How could see the sections above, well-known concept of gravity bears gross structural errors, which are a consequence of the elementary science illiteracy.

To extend the observable part of the universe not require a fantastic nature, such as dark energy, dark matter, etc.

Theorists insist on the existence of various "Dark" - Are the charlatans from science, such as pseudo-theorists argue that the Earth is at the center of the world, covered with a crystal dome.

Comments to the big bang theory.

Single big bang is a special case for all theoretically possible versions of the big bang (including the volume and blast others). The overall dynamics of solitary explosion tracked in all versions and is paramount. Multiple versions of the explosion are quantitative superposition of single versions. Each volume is an explosion of multiple set single explosion.

Looking version Big Bang from the standpoint of classical mechanics, we arrive at an apparent contradiction:

If treated Big BangAs one-stage "Spike" singularity, the version of the direct attraction (version explosion plus direct attraction) - Are available only two power dynamics:

1. expansion of the masses single center (complete cycle of expansion / curtailment)

(the result of modeling without alternative provides an expanding sphere. See Fig. Number 66)

2. contraction of the masses are concentrated on the surface of an expanding sphere of private centers of mass

(See Fig. № 67)

Both marked dynamics or by separate or combined, according to the direct gravitational or Under no circumstances give a uniform distribution of mass along space.

That is, there is not any, even small theoretical possibility for a uniform distribution of matter.

Fig. № 66

Fig. № 67

The classical Mechanics of the external borders Big Bang dimensions have expressed a finite value and, therefore can not coincide with nonleaf - unconfined dimensions of ecumenical space.

If we assume that:

- in the universe, space is homogeneous and not has no whether boundaries prevent the spread physical phenomena

a matter there unlimited time period,

then all the fundamental physical properties must apply to all space.

What inevitably follows that single version Big Bang physically - Impossible. (Available only in the form of multiple explosions. Fig. № 68).

Fig. № 68

But version Multiple explosions in turn:

- Does not lead to uniform filling Space Matter

- Contrary to the relic manifestations.

Version Multiple explosions in linear terms correspond pattern reflected in Fig. Number 69.

Fig. № 69

If treated "Relic" radiation, the phenomenon of a full cycle Treatment matter, then their manifestation CMB quantitatively insufficient, and even with a large preload can not be a consequence Big Bang. Since relict radiation as a process that accompanies emergence of private universe would be quantitative, incomparably excess of the apparent manifestations.

Origin each private universe would lead to destructive to neighboring Universes emission.

The result is that:

version Greater Bang either on a single scenario, or the multiple scenario - can not consistent with the observed.

The result is that version Big Bang not is the foundation for determine the viability of the versions of gravity.

Based observable manifestations, namely the uniformity of the mass distribution in accessible part of the universe,

most likely cosmological scenario a version Boiling Universes.

In which emergence and the curtailment of matter is constant "Sluggishly flowing" process.

Where the emergence of matter (the phenomenon is accompanied by "Relic" radiation) occurs in unsaturated masses discharged intergalactic space, and coagulation (restructuring) occurs in massive space objects.

Why is untenable version (all versions) large explosion:

Simple words available:

(big bang) + (attraction) = Uniform distribution substances (macro level)

- Such a result - can not.

None of these scenarios, plus the attraction of the explosion, in which the final phase will be uniform distribution of matter in space.

The probability of such approaches zero. All without exceptions versions of the big bang. Scenario one - an avalanche-like process Education macrobodies. Scientists say the opposite - are the most ordinary charlatans of science.

What such an explosion.

Simultaneous change of state of matter (pay attention no radiation, namely the explosion). Main versions for all types of single explosion - an expanding sphere.

Dynamics in which one point uniformly in all directions with equal speed rushes working substance. Expanding the scope. The working substance is resisted by the medium. Distribution slowing. Total dynamics dependent

How is the universal version of the big bang (single version)?

No resistance to the environment.

When there is no resistance to the environment - the result of the explosion uniquely expanding sphere.

And all the original fabric is no where out there (do not bring where), namely on the surface of an expanding sphere.

Suppose - protomatter scatters in unsaturated space.

There is the initial rate of expansion / expansion.

That is, there are only two dynamics.

One front - expansion. Other deterrent - attraction.

Dynamics of spread -- gives scope. Dynamics of gravity makes two factors:

- 1. slowing expansion. Quantitatively Bole weak dynamics (depends only on ):

- 2. violation integrity of the sphere (break it as a bubble). Quantitatively stronger (depends from same Only at much smaller R):

None of the speaker does not trend uniformity of the mass distribution of Universe.

Hence the force in terms of uniform distribution Release : explosion / attraction ---

impossible. None of the power factor.

And if there is no power factor means and such is not possible phenomenon (as uniformity) Release big bang.

And once version does not uniform distribution then inevitable avalanche process.

In nature, we contrary that very uniformity (macro level) - see.

So a single version of the big bang / Release attraction - Inadequate.

The initial rate of spread what? Equal for all product singularity?

Definitely is. Speed of return to a common center? Also equal.

Scheme Return similar free fall.

No alien environment. Resistance no. All bodies in the expansion, simultaneously -- are always at the same distance from center. And then another and fall back into center with the same acceleration (a different dynamic may enter only through fantastic nature).

That is, the output turns literally:

(In simple words:) The bubble began to swell, swelled to a certain value

Further in the inverse dynamics began to curl / deflate in a common center (a singularity).

All. There is not even a small theoretical possibility for uniform distribution of matter.

But if you start to change the scheme, then any possibility (uniform distribution) appears.

But then the base serves no: (big bang) + (attraction )

and (big bang) + (repulsion)

Here then is valid: As no blasting, only do not - The output will be uniform (macro level) the distribution of matter in the Universe (incidentally confirmed by all observations).

And even artificially blow up or anything not required:

(big bang) + (repulsion) - Not required.

A single push.

And the effect will be the same. Just like ordered version of the big bang.

But only with a large very big plus.

No invent / invent singular explosive properties.

And another very interesting point (in simple words)

If Universes originated under the version of the big bang, we would instead relic radiation would have occurred cosmic shock Emergency Power! (And on the fact we fix only small relict "pops"). Which decently fit exactly into the scheme of radiation, but neither as no explosion. And the word relic - has no meaning apply. What relic? This is quite a modern sluggish process.

In one place the matter restructured / minimized (the place is called supermassive body ) In another place the matter structured (the place is called sparse area ). Permanent sluggish process Well neither as not falling under term big bang.

Relic radiation - quite observed evidence integrated version of gravity.

But Relic megavspleski if any observed -- could be an indication version of the big bang. But it as expected from the square brick circles on the water.

Versions surround explosion - Also inadequate . Can assume any number of development explosion in the volume of the emitting stage but when we introduce the power of interaction - the whole concept of volume explosion collapses simultaneously. Snowballing process of macro-bodies. Non-alternative. Not turns out to hide any of the planet for anything else.

Theorists issuing a large explosion in scientific wealthy product - are charlatans of science.

As novelty integrated theory of gravity:

In world practice no precedents identification of novelty on fallacious theory. Inadequate version not themselves discoveries and can not be a comparative criterion determine Science viability, of either subsequent discoveries.

Quite Naturally, that for all the development time Science quoted set of all possible approaches to the issue of gravity.

The number of one side is measured in the thousands, and the other strictly regulated all two possible principal directions: the attraction and repulsion.

Within attraction quoted many versions.

But for all the time development of science no adequate repulsion theory - was not.

Within direction "repulsion" as theoretical analogue of the stated theory hypothetically could be considered Version Lesage / Fatio, but

First: this version - is untenable (and it recognized by the scientific community)

Second version Lesage / Fatio - In fact not even a version of repulsion.

According to Lesage body in the force plan mutually not repel .

The Earth does not repel an apple. Apple is pushed to the Earth not in consequence of the repulsion from external bodies, in consequence of the excessive pressure on the spatial nature of the fantastic - Mediator . A mutual repulsion of bodies as such -- the model Lesage, in principle no. Not repel the body and the imaginary flows (the essence of the mediator), which create pressure. The intensity of the flow particles is assumed equal in all directions. Very same interaction occurs in the nearest to the body area in Corollary screening nearest body of chaotic wandering streams (with independent in all areas of vector).

- Power dependence Release Lesage, in principle, different.

Her defines the space Cheer content, has a certain pressure within arbitrarily delineated the scope in not depending on the location of the external bodies .

And even if all the body celestial mechanics on the same side of an apple, even then according to the theory Lesage repulsion not work. As will be place pressure on the availability of space (relative sphere) of saturated gravity flow, with a total designed vector.

Because of this circumstance version Lesage not be a version repulsion between the interacting bodies. Body provide power factor indirectly, the total pumping pressure. And the de facto power transmission line designed not as such. Power transmission in the general physical understanding is no, because there is no vector directed away from the body full of space to the body, receiving impact.

In this interpretation, the forces are no directions from the body. No force vector from the remote phone, or in combination, or in particular. Only result vector of pressure (from "Magical" nature).

Lesage Theory or where there is no opening in physics or physically adequate version. Theory Lesage is not how any discernible analogue claimed theory. By virtue of what not a comparative measure of novelty claimed theory.

Some are wealthy, or how theories Release repulsion was not.

Comments on Einstein's relativity theory

In many textbooks promotes the theory Einstein's relativity.

This theory is given as a scientifically wealthy. However so there is considerable evidence that the theory of relativity was originally is banal okolonauchnoy falsification. All the alleged achievements theory of relativity -- are fiction. To realize it, sufficiently acquainted with the materials offered below.

Theory Relativity is based on non-Euclidean geometry. The basis of all curves geometries is the idea that in general What can a geometry different from Euclid. To substantiate the curves geometries theorists commonly used substitution of terms.

Consider this example: Let the surface of a sphere is a space, then ... "

In this approach holds attempt to give a flat three-dimensional. As known a flat object or any of no. Initially amount of any flat object is equal to zero. Nor any surface of a sphere can not be space. By carrying out such a forgery in the original axioms, we can develop any theory and to obtain any result. But such result as initially fabricated, originally not have neither a scientific status. This is a clear example used in modern science pseudoscientists approaches.

Based on idea curved two-dimensional space with a certain imaginary multidimensional multiplicity, forgers of science called the resulting product is non-Euclidean geometry, and are trying to declare that their formation is related to science and space.

However, the facts show quite the opposite:

Geometric space - full set geometric dimensions, sufficient for the formation of volume. where - Quantitative indicators, where linear value.

Physical space - Object representing set full geometric dimensions, generators volume naturally (natural) way saturated matter, possessing complete set of physical properties in all their Diversity. Where

Now let's look at what is non-Euclidean space.

In theory this:

Euclidean space - hypothetically possible object representing a set of nonlinear (curved) full geometric dimensions, sufficient for education volume.

Now let consider which of the non-Euclidean spaces are often used.

Example Riemannian space:

Quote: Definition Riemannian space. By the strict definition of a Riemannian space can be approach as follows. The position of point n-dimensional manifold is determined n coordinates x1, x2 ,..., xn. In the Euclidean ...

That is, on the fact: Riemannian space hypothetically possible object representing a set linear and nonlinear (curved) geometric and other dimension. Its volume . That is, on the fact: Riemannian space -- aggregate not sufficient for Education volume.

And the actual volume of a Riemannian space is zero. And since the volume of the space is zero, and the space itself is not trivial and there is scientific adulteration.

In nature there This fictional Riemannian space. There is no adequate formulas of imaginary space. There is no standard amount for Riemannian space.

Available are only imaginary plane curves of objects geodesic line and dreams of immersing and n - dimensional diversity.

Spatial interaction with a quadratic dependence in a spatial sense Yes n-objects - within the space of Riemannian ask impossible. And even a plane, which is curved and ta is not Riemannian, but in Euclidean space, and it is bent on Cartesian coordinate system. And even if you enter million dimensions, this space imaginary Riemannian structure not become, until properly will not be given the appropriate number of is linear geometric dimensions. And without this set of plane Object volume can not give in principle. And submerge nothing in a subspace can not even hypothetically, as the volume itself - no.

Since volume plane is zero. And the amount of any set of planes is zero.

Summarize zero volume - Useless.

Where possible three-dimensional geometry, different from Euclidean? Options:

1. In Euclidean space ? - impossible.

2. In non-Euclidean spaces?. -- impossible, due to lack of data spaces.

Of non-Euclidean spaces are two options:

1. Virtual World

2. The consciousness of the individual.

Both of these spaces are not physical.

There is no alternative -- impossible non-Euclidean geometry, in any three-dimensional form ..

In consequence what spatiotemporal continuum, the curvature of space - time are no more than logical scenery that accompanies the hypothetical model scheme.
They have no physical meaning to that Some okolonauchnye commentators trying to put them.

Rotating geodesic - impossible to get any kind plane in principle.

Since any rotation regardless of time, then each time there is not a plane (the base measure space) and all the same geodesic. It easily proved experimentally - on rotation of any extended object.

That is, on the fact experimentally proved that geometric concept of relativity scientific foundation .

And if there is no space in which the theory of relativity has physical meaning, then theory itself in direct physical sense - neither What status can not have.

(Applies to all without exception geometrically - dependence constructed within the MOT).

When physicists say of the bending of space, implies that the calculation model of MOT corresponds imaginary nonexistent naturally curvature, it is adequate.

If a physicist, referring to the curvature of space, really believes that it distorted the truth in the space, then we are dealing with victim of poor-quality education.

All knowledge non-Euclidean geometries no more than good chippy set intellectually - failed theories.

Experiment to quantify Evaluation object:

Ten Observer in same time looking at different angles to the prototype object (tree) located in specific coordinates. Required quantified assessment of the object.

Can we unequivocally accept the assertion that for example, 100 objects are in one place at one time, and with complete coincidence of all places - is one object?.


Either the number 1. Any number objects in one time in one place, with a full match in their coordinates - up 100% and are in fact one object and it no longer depends on the number of observers. (one tree in the field is growing - though zasmotris).

Whether № 2. Any number of objects located at the same time in one place, with a full match for its coordinates - not 100% and not one object.

Option number 2 is not intellectually wealthy.

Faithful without alternative is the only option number 1.

And if a scientist does not substitute for the terms and does not issue curves for the direct that:

- A point not lying on this line, it is impossible hold more than one line parallel to this.

Since the basic cross-section point and straight match, full match will be all parallel lines passing through this point. Ie will not ennogo number parallel lines will be - the only line.

Also: Two lines are called parallel if they lie in one plane and not intersect. Any parallel line in the plane can always be given * two equidistant from the initial straight points.

What uniquely follows that any second point of this direct be equidistant from the original line. Assumption that through a point not lying on this line can hold more than one line parallel to this eat inadequate assumption ..

Furthermore: For any line is only one provision space. How many parallel lines a separate point is conducted (if they are really straight), then they will have a full match together.

That is, on the fact they will be nothing but a straight line. If man says the opposite, it is reasonable thought in his statement no more than when approving that: one tree - this time 148 trees.

This obscure naivete that: "Through a point not lying on this line, ostensibly can hold more than one line parallel This "used in the form of assumptions, exclusively for to somehow take what a model under the flight of thought Einstein. And when it did, it is not expected, that is shaped inappropriate assumption, someone will later pray. While it is not prayed - it was just an assumption. When they began to pray - it has stupidity.

Fifth postulate Proof.

Axial projection of a straight line on the plane, according to the properties line is the point. Angle between such a direct and normal plane is always equal to 90 degrees. According to the interpretation of Euclid: If sum of the angles with a common party, formed two lines at intersection of the third, with one side of the cutting is 180 °, then these lines do not intersect, we have the following: - the projection on plane for any second disjoint with the original, direct equal 180-90 = 90 degrees. Axial projection of such a line on the plane to turn also makes the point. Since the data points we have in no way do not intersect, then do not intersect, and direct (whose projections are the point). Since axial projection of a straight line on plane is a reflection of the entire length of the straight line, the fifth postulate is proven for the entire length of the line. Parallel lines do not intersect along its entire length.

And once we prove the fifth postulate, then it is proved that non-Euclidean geometry - is impossible in principle. Consequently and whole spatial concept MOT automatically as built on the impossible geometry - is untenable. And there is no intellectually -- solvent product called the theory of relativity.

Curved approaches to the treatment area carry several paradoxes.

Example, imposition of real points in the space of one another. If you give curved surface of a kind original thickness (material layer), then filling space like curved planes lead to we obtain only one zone of curvature (zone clotting), with a common model of a spherical distribution of matter in space.

Or get some multiplicity of partial distortion for each input coordinate (with the obligatory condition uneven local distortions of the location in space). If we begin to extinguish imposition of material layers through the amount of space (when the cubic meter Euclidean space is not equal to cubic meters is not Euclidean space), we have again all possible scenario is:

1. to local curvature of the general scheme and exit on model of an expanding sphere with a decrease curvature.

2. to the volume expansion of space, but lowering its private curvature.

For other versions, no script not converge, as is non-physical overlap points one to another (any object can be at the same time in different places).

Example, if curved plane start rotate around center geodesic (similar to the lack of thirds coordinates) then for all points separated from the center, we obtain spatial uncertainty. Which actually in the normal geometry and is solved by introducing the third coordinate.

These paradoxes in the framework of non-Euclidean geometry - not solved.

Myth of the viability of non-Euclidean geometries is destroyed by Construction of an elementary spatial grid. Yes, even with the introduction of any extended (non-planar) object. It suffices to consider curved pattern on the subject of large paneledomostroeniya. For proportions radius of curvature and the distance between points of care: in sufficient Small areas a theoretical construction, or in small enough, or even in a fairly considerable.

Experiment detectable subspaces:

We will place permanently in the real space experienced object number 1 having real physical properties: volume and density.

For these purposes may be used organic object origin - a pumpkin.

As object number 2 use curved rod a certain diameter and radius of curvature (geodesic analogue).

As the object number 2 can be used rocker Museum of Ethnography.

We carry out the manipulation with the object number 2 in the direction of the object number 1.

If the geometric concept That's true, then the end of the beam (orthogonal analogue of the geodesic) falls into the subspace .. If not true, then the end rocker gets into a pumpkin, placed in the real three-dimensional space.

Result of the experiment:

The end of the beam in subspace - not fall. Regardless of the properties individual pumpkin - The result is stable and unambiguous. Consequently experimentally proved that the theory of relativity intellectually untenable and is falsification.

Doubters in results of the experiment may to repeat it. Possible replacement experienced object number 1 squash the object number 3 goals theorist.

The intensity of the gravitational field.

Assessing the strength of the gravitational field (according generally accepted concept of Newton), we envision the following:
Tension increases as we approach the bodies having mass.
The greater the mass, the greater the tension.

НЛО де еф 117тело ммAnd though it bytuyuschaya and basic science point of view, It should be noted that the data submission naive and in reality similar place no. It is mathematically impossible.

Fundamentally speech must maintain a minimum of two independent terms:

1. Local gravitational field (created by body).

2. Basic gravitational tension (determined complex bodies).

Thus, for the basic tension possible only one option: гравнапряженность гравнапряж все гравнапряжен3

Basic intensity of the gravitational field at any point in space constant.
And it does not depend on approximations to the mass.
And in turn the value of gravitational field at the same time is the maximum possible.
That is anywhere close to you is a real gravitational tension more than near the Sun (as perceived to).

This happens by the fact that the gravitational field superimposed on each other, and the gravitational interaction is not limited distance (it is from him only decreases). But since the increase distance increases as the number of objects (masses) involved in interaction, the fields overlap each other justifies importance gravitational tension..

The required efficiency of gravitational Installation (sufficient to overcome the Earth's gravity).

НЛО де еф 114мм The classical theory to lift the spacecraft from the Earth "The required efficiency of gravitational installation" is more units (or 100%) and is as follows:
In simple words: For the separation of the Earth we should:
- To overcome gravity. For This is necessary to build a device acting on the gravitational spectrum (by gravity)
So : When we embarked on a certain platform, limiting the attraction, the effectiveness of restrictions should be at least 100%. Thus we do not get "a vector by a detachment from the earth." Reaching efficiency of 100%, we only achieve zero gravity (force equilibrium). To fly requires an additional per share. (In addition, practice shows that efficiency in the form of 100% is unattainable.)

НЛО де еф 117ммHowever, the actual physical manifestations of things completely wrong.

Situation in principle different - Gravity potential core of the gravitational field -- constant.

The required efficiency of gravitational installation.-
indicator reflecting the necessary degree (measure) of (percentage) physical phenomenon, to achieve a given result. Calculated as -- (effectiveness of the required percentage ( The ratio of the mass of the Earth to the mass of the larger of the known (observed / theoretically possible phone)).
The required efficiency of small fractions of one percent.

On the situation in modern fundamental physics.

When we give her child to college, we hope that it will quality education. We would very much like this, but the reality is somewhat another.

If our real world was created by modern laws of physics, then it would not last a second. There would be no planets, no sun, no what. Instant collapse of the system. Avalanche process.

It is mathematically proven.

Newton brought a remarkable formula-law of universal gravitation

But there is one feature: the formula derived literally at random and Apples this formula to fall to the ground can not in principle.

Apple, this formula can only fly in the distant cosmos.

In order for an apple on the ground yet fallen, it is necessary that before formula was minus. In the physical sense a real nowhere taken magic minus.

Literally there is a banal juggling -written in all modern textbooks.

Moon in such laws in principle, could not stay in orbit. No power to ensure balance. Check it anyone can physicist.

Set single shift and calculate: where it is directed increment of force applied to the Moon.

But the biggest trouble is that this minus not only lie in fundamental science.

Most modern physical platform is built on rigging and fraud.

The scale of falsifications are so huge that it okolonauchnoe lies spelled out in almost all textbooks. For most plausible lies occurred nomination the Nobel Prize in physics.

Process grew like a snowball: In order to substantiate false negative, without which the apple does not fall to the ground, set up the whole science performing magical operations minuses.

Example is all known vector algebra.

In nature there is no negative liters and no negative meters.

It experimentally proved.

But theorists on desperately needed minus. Without it, the apple does not fall to the ground.

Could understand the reasons, get to the bottom, correct the error.

But the theorists do easier. Theorists are building system of plausible lies. And it vector algebra involved substitution of the concept of number and quantity.

Another example.

Can I make something out of nothing?

Here's to take nothing and it did that or build?

Can type zeros and one that either that or the real create?

If we take a "0" add to it is "0" and more many, many zeros:

0+0+0+0+0+0+0 =0

How would we not add zeros be zero.

Let it be any, including those most nonleaf number of zeros. The amount of zeros or anything other than zero can not give.

From zero, we get zero sheep lambs.

Nil sown grain will give us a zero yield.

It is understood any sane person, but it is understood not every modern theorist. Some theorists dream that the diameter of the points may consist of zero length, the segment is straight. That is, the length of their ideas may consist of "nichevoshek.

Theories about "nichevoshkah" taught in the best universities of the country.

In general schools teachers have tell your children that the line consists of "nichevoshek" (from the point of zero diameter).

Not There is neither any negative forces and it is easy to prove experimentally.

We can attach to the plane any effort, great effort, little effort.

But we can not make negative force.

Irrespective we pull the plane into itself, or repels away, it will be a positive force of repulsion or a positive force attraction. Neither any negative forces in nature there. This experimentally proved.

But some scholars negative forces and negative energy needed. Without it, lies not converge to their theory.

The situation in the whole sad. Is it possible to build on the basis of fraud or that reasonable?

Example Academician VA Rubakov -- specialist in cosmology remarkable man,

promotes the theory of large explosion.

The product is very fashionable in the west but it is insolvent,

The universe is in principle could occur as a result of an explosion. This has been proved mathematically.

Why borrow abroad all this rubbish about science?

The situation in fundamental physics in many ways similar to the Middle Ages.

What nonsense is not only praises. Dark energy, wormholes, some names are worth.

Consider an example from the repertoire of modern Mount theorists:

« Let the surface of a sphere is space, then ... line will be a curve, geodesic, and so on.


This approach already have banal lies, attempt to give a flat three-dimensional. As known a flat object or any of no. Initially amount of any flat object is equal to zero. Nor any surface of a sphere can not be space. By carrying out such a forgery in the original axioms, we can develop any theory and any moron to get the result. But such result, as originally fabricated, originally not have neither a scientific status. This is a clear example used in modern science, pseudo-scientists approaches.

Methods apply anecdotal. Indeed all as in the joke: Separates cockroach two legs, when the wind blows the whistle cockroach crawling. Torn off two feet, when the wind blows the whistle cockroach crawling. Cockroach is torn off the last two feet, when the wind blows the whistle - a cockroach team does not hear. Conclusion: With the loss of six-foot cockroach loses hearing. This course anecdote, but to be confused with interior flat is not smarter than confused legs and ears. Tales Reports curvature of space scientists invented to cover their own helplessness in dealing with basic tasks. No no distortion and subspaces in fact no. We conducted an experiment and proved that space is three dimensional.

You can tell that the Theory of Relativity possible to justify such a process. But check and it's all a fraud. The fact that the theory relativity instilled into the global scientific space of the world economy slowed down by at least 70 years. The only thing that the theory of relativity allows it - plausibly falsify any results. If theorist lying the original axioms, then that he would not count on, no matter what he had not been zamechatelny6e results - they will be falsification. With this approach there not exactly what the cause and effect relationship between the presumed and valid. If by concocted payments you received a number "6" it does not mean that the Earth six satellites or the hand six fingers. This does not mean that there what or additional dark finger in moles hole. It only means that your original account built on false axioms. Not only have the number "6" was necessary to cause and effect relationship between the phenomenon and calculation.

All curves building relevant to the rejection of the same photon same number are relation to the form of pumpkin seeds in the stomach of the woolly rhinoceros. Exactly nor any relations.

We are used to treat the theory relativity as something that clever. But union neobedinyaemyh things -- a method of charlatans. Can any number head and share continua. But they can not natively have nor any scientific meaning. For example: color-temperature continuum. Dates physically connected, in reality physical meaning that there is no any. For example can successfully understand in town Budget and system sanitation. But if you mix the budget and urban sewage, then the Budget and sanitation continuum no longer be able to understand any specialist. He may try to appear intelligent but budget items washed sewage. In this Sensible people are dealt with separately. Separately dealt with sewage separately from the budget.

Famous expression: "Salo honey compote and nails. It -- vividly conveys the true meaning space time continuum. The experiment: mix lard, add nails and a little stewed fruit. We received very wonderful fat-Gvozdikova continuum. This is the same charlatanical continuum as the notorious space time continuum. Peg in the wall is not convenient - we prevent fat. Eat it too inconvenient to us interfere nails. He was even embarrassed to send in the sewer. Can clog.

But You can cheerfully lie about its properties.

For example:

As a result of sliding nail on fat space is curved and energy is released.

Any continuum is primarily tool about scientific fraud.

First stories about what direct consists of "nichevoshek" Then tales about the fact that plane is three-dimensional, Then tales about the fact that space curved. In its present form - is not science physics and science fantastic botany.

Newton's law of gravitation is performed and in the universe consisting of two bodies and the universe filled with bodies. In this supposedly balanced by an external influence. If we ask the modern theorists: -- a really balanced?, and who is properly checked?,

it turns out that verification calculations or who do not produce.

And the fact that external impact balanced they can say told my aunt.

This level modern basic science.

And if all the same calculation to produce a clarified that the impact of unbalanced and external bodies impact on the attraction just yet provided.

Since Mount theorists this influence not bother to take into account all other academic construction of gravity untenable.

Apple may fall to Earth in one of two scenarios. The first scenario - when all the heavenly bodies are attracted and as a result of Apple itself falls. And second scenario - All the heavenly bodies to each repelled from each other can result in better all the same gravitational force that pritalkivayut apple to the Earth. Result one. Formula one. The coincidence of the formula is complete. Differences no no no. Moreover looking at the sky We even can not say with confidence as this is the case in reality and what is version of gravity, we did make the apple fall. We can say, until you begin to perform calculations and to experiment. A experiments and calculations precisely show that fall of an apple may only an integrated version of repulsion. On the direct gravity are set out in all textbooks apple on the ground not fall. On the direct gravity apple can only fly to a distant space. And this means what? Once again, in most textbooks spelled out most currently lies. This lie nurtured several generations of students.

As Is that even possible? And this has been. First, in the representation theorists of the Earth was flat. And in those times we could not even explain what globe. In answer we heard: that the land can not be sferopodobnoy, it merged with a all the water, and even we ourselves would have fallen.

Then land in the representation of theorists was in the center of the world. The orbits of the planets were in the form of curves loops. And no one wanted represent the real world. We could hear that yes, you!. Science reached unprecedented heights. already invented the wheel. We do sand chronometers.

If we are in the 21 st century will ask: Lord theorists you have everything in order with the theory? We are also a lot of things interesting answers. But at the very fact that things are not so wonderful? The scheme works because very simply. When there is a decent theoretical base - we have implementation of the theory into practice, that is, we have the practical device working person. Example of Electrical Engineering. In the presence of a decent theory. In result we have and the power and electric motors, appliances and lighting. Literally everything that we have, of iron to TV is a consequence of qualitative theory. And now let's see what we have a relation to gravity. Do we have anti-gravity engine? Not have. in fact we still Going space through Old Chinese reactive power. We have it modernized, brought almost to perfection, but still send the furnace high-tech - almost firewood. We got used to it, but the reality is that in the 21 century we did not can not burning or anything, elementary lead the body to orbit. Look further: Do we anything or running on the base of the gravitational energy?. That even anything? But it is free and permeates the entire universe. For example Do we have the gravitational power plants? Not have. Why do not we? because in turnover no qualitative theoretical framework in this direction. For that we have many theorists alleged experts on gravity.

If you arrange all the disadvantages correctly, is previously unreported gravity factor -- real physical phenomenon and provides tides, and , sublimation of a comet's tail and all rest. But instead consider reality with in the nature of the processes of modern mountain theorists picking in absurd non-existent in the nature of distortions

For all the time development of human civilization, no one has built any of planetary system on the proven power of attraction. Can the moon to stay in the sky on pure attraction?. And in general, whether at least some attraction that planetary movement. The calculation shows that there is. No planetary equilibrium in pure attraction is impossible. It is mathematically impossible. No what the moon on the attraction would not be able to keep. Equilibrium can neither mathematically or experimentally. But about it for some reason you can not write in the textbooks.

If you put aside all fantasy astray scientists, if follow only credible scientific evidence, then space for what it is - boundless. It nonleaf in all directions. All space at the macro level is uniformly filled with galaxies. There is not any end space. There is not any edge Universe. The universe did not arise in result of any large explosions. Not a space is not curved. Not bent nor there, neither here nor anywhere else. Universe was always everywhere. This strict mathematically proven fact.

On checking experiment obtained:

Direct gravity no. Dark matter, dark energy, no.
Big Bang is not and can it be. The spatial concept of general relativity -- untenable. Vector algebra "with one eye. " Quantum theory of gravity does not was not when. Theories of time - no. Unified field theory - no. Well that wealthy is a modern Academic fundamental physics?
Science by Hans Christian Andersen.

Suppose you simple baker and bake bread in the 11 century.
You no difference what plus-minus and what are the forces which are directed.

But if these scholars plus-minus will put true, then whether or when the time comes when you are not 'll poke furnace wood and the bread will baked on electricity.
With electricity theory and happened pluses - minuses were placed correctly and we have what we have.
In gravity scientists pluses - minuses arrange failed. As a result, no no anti-gravity, or other devices .

Due to the fact that cons apart is not so, all gravity - it seems fantastic, like electricity seemed unattainable baker 11 centuries.
If you are a modern baker and you give a son in college physics,
then he would break the brain. He stops understand:

What force is always positive. He no longer understand a lot of important things.
And all because of one of the unfortunate had to mutilate minus half physics. And modern scientists do not completely understand simple things:

that forces attractive from the inside - do not be persuaded to fly apart even tights ..

And that: if The universe would have spurted on the version of the big bang, then could not formed nor any orbit ..

And that: if the force does not return the body to orbit there will be no orbit. That is, your son will come out of the modern university with a broken brain, and will be telling stupidity: the same as in 11 th century, by analogy that the earth is flat and stands in the center of the world.

Today, some "Good learners" students really believe if you look into the distance at by a very powerful instruments we can see his neck as space is indeed curved.

To on the practical implementation of the reachability UFO technology. New types of energy.

If remove of Physics news this okolonauchny delirium, the result is exactly the one obtained theory has no applicability limits. That theory which already makes it possible: to obtain access to a new extremely powerful source of energy. Access to energy which completely cover all needs of humanity. Energy which is much more powerful than all that there now, including nuclear energy. This energy is available today. In that is clean energy. It is virtually free energy. About What energy deals? With reference to the gravitational energy. This is a field having an unusually large potential. At any point in space. It available energy that we can use today.

A number of scientists argues that the principle of UFOs, we can not understand. He allegedly physically impossible. Living organism located in the UFO would undergo such overload that just does not survive. Let's see what takes place at the case.

Suppose we established rights to a certain platform, and efforts were made to the platform. The platform begins to move. Naturally rights restraining force of inertia.

Now let see how things are in the case of the gravitational field.

Gravitational impact extends to all bodies having mass.

That is covered and platform and the person on it located.

For each point, to Each human cell is attached by the same force which is applied to the most platform. And if under the influence of a simulated gravitational field platform rush in any direction or in the same direction will move and man and all that is in this zone. And the man in principle will not be subjected to any strain. He was not even able to feel that the system began to move. The same situation is with a vertical in other directions. You move up rights will not be pressed into platform.

That is literally possible to create a real physical system which will move in space, at any speed on any trajectory until the instant stop. And a man in such a device would not be subject to exactly no overloads. Furthermore gravitational amputation in the physical sense is a profound structural impact on the time.

Practical access exposure to technology at the time in a closed circuit.


Modern There is a naive views of the physical point of view that is theoretically Navigation in the past.

Indeed moving in time can only advance in the future.

Return from the future is impossible. Reverse movement time is different.

For clarity consider both Features:

Example number 1.

You are logged in the circuit during the time in have slowed, for example 1k1000. Having lived in the circuit a minute and came out of it, you find yourself in the future (1000 minutes from the point of reference).

Example number 2.

You are logged in the circuit during the time in which quickening, for example 1000k1. Having lived in the circuit 1000minut, you came out of it get during the corresponding 1-minute from the point.

From the examples clearly shows that even in the presence there are two possibilities for moving time, but none of the features does not allow to return to the past. Traveling to the past impossible.

But, if instructions completely prevents Two months in his own time to collect launched warhead rival that in the Earth Time flies half an hour.

And it is technologically achievable today.

What implementation beyond technology means in practice.

Foremost is technical devices capable of moving speeds 1/2S and above, up to 2 / 3 speed of light and this without any acceleration of the pilot. No modern technology can not compete with similar devices. Most modern aircraft simultaneously fall out of any competition. She just these rates are not available.

Imagine dogfight in which one of conventional warfare albeit a very modern aircraft moving multiply sound speed pilots who have overload during maneuvers.

And on the other hand aircraft in which no overload and practically no limitations on speed.

No real resistance in this situation can not speak.

General in the near Earth space such speed superfluous.

With such rates wiser explore deep space.

The second detail is the so-called gravitational shield.

On aerodynamics take care of such devices is not required

In aerodynamic sense determines the shape of the ship literally capsule consisting of a force field and everything that the field is dragged along with the ship.

Restrictions on the environment or what not. When in the course the atmosphere or any accompanying combustion, we can not observe.

The capsule has rigid circuit provides friction.

Ship with equal success can move in the atmosphere and in vacuum and under water. In one case, he is surrounded by a capsule of air in the second capsule from the water. This capsule acts as a battering ram.

Technically not even restrictions and movement in solid rock.

As fantastic and not sound. Sheathing the ship will not be damaged.

She even in the usual sense will not be in touch with the environment.

In addition to shoot down such ship, the modern warfare agents is not possible. Each warhead meets capsule essentially viscous wall absorbs all the mechanical impact.

And characteristics field are such that it is mechanically impossible to break in principle.

In terms of force following picture:

Suppose some object: shot collision course at high speed approaching ship. Collision inevitable.

As the object begins to feel an increasing influence of gravitational forces directed meet.

Strength increases inversely square distances in the end, our object was not approached to the plating of the ship bogged down in a capsule and slips side. Himself ship and all who are in it at This may not even feel it outside impact because it is not a field generated by the ship and on the clipping external field that field that permeates the entire space of the field which creates a full range of celestial bodies. It is the modified External field contact any external body nearer to the ship. This forces almost unbelievable. And in energy plan is an inexhaustible source.

And as a result this energy we did not lose.

As a result of this consumption only slightly slowed the overall dispersal of our universe. Moreover, the dispersion slowed in smallest, trudnovychislimoe value. It is an inexhaustible source of energy.

Such energy resources are available goals unprecedented level. Ability to move the continents move planet. Ability to all the energy needs humanity. Why all available today??

Because we know everything about this field.

Speech on the potential outpacing over possible competitors order 80 - 300 years.

By the way, the objects moving on a similar principle observed and recorded by scientists as a UFO. The physics of these phenomena Some scientists react: Chur chur me not maybe.

However These phenomena are easily explained physical nature.

And regardless We believe in the existence of UFOs or believe - The very principle of such moving in space physically real and technically achievable today. Already today, making the data available technical devices. In there is a complete comprehensive theoretical framework.

If arranged in space such technical devices and begin affect the basic universal gravitational field, change indicators onogo at least a fraction of one per cent directions all objects are in appropriate zone will be exposed Effects. In the not depending on how big their body weight will flock in a given direction.

And the number of masses This scheme really determinative.

Since the work performed is not our private, and basic Universal field, which is enough only slightly changed. If deploy such a path near Mercury Mercury rush in the direction we want. If spread such a contour around Saturn, will moving Saturn.

And this is the reality today. This is technically achievable. Achievable at all stages of construction of devices to any subsequent action.

Ability divert any asteroids from Earth and it does not want anything to blow.

Gravitational technologies have a number of obvious advantages:

1. Using fundamentally new energy resource, not representing in terms of modern market economy, which either material value.

2. Almost complete no costs for production and delivery of energy to the energy producing device.

3. No practical and technical limitations on the amount of energy produced.

4. Ability to create highly compact power plants are extremely high power (multiple excess energy opportunities nuclear devices and other types.)

(tens or hundreds of times) reduction value necessary costs.

Ability full monopolization high-tech sectors Market:

market energy space-transport, weapons etc.).


1. Katjushchik VG Comments on the functions - characteristics of matter. - Abakan: Bulletin of Khakassia Technical Institute affiliate KSTU, № 11. 2001.

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