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The Space-time continuum, The Continuum method.

The Space-time continuum,
The  Continuum  method.

 In modern science, space - time continuum is widely used, but not all professionals are familiar with the principles of continuum method.

The subject of this lecture is the basic knowledge according to continuum   method without which a person can’t be a specialist in any field of fundamental physics, cosmology, or astronomy, regardless of the content of the diplom  and the rank of the institution issuing the diplom. If any of these sections in the formation is missed or not mastered in the full form - it can lead only to a fragmented competence of specialist. 

 The Lecture material is presented by simple language, it is equally accessible to both: students and scientists.
 Kontinuum method is a common method for the continuum.
 The first thing you should know is that two fundamentally different operations of additions used in modern science simulteniously

Let us examine them in detail.
The first operation:
Arithmetic addition  is  arithmetic  act . It is noted by the sign  + (plus). The addition is carried out  with positive numbers.
 The result  of the addition of these numbers (the term) is a new number (amount), which contains as many units as they contain all the terms.
1 +1 = 2
1 +1 +1 = 3
  And so on.
 Also  it is used another  method of  addition proposed by Albert Einstein -  the academic summation.
The concept of all continuums is not built on an arithmetic addition but on the academic summation.
Academic summation is carried out through the number “three”.

Two numbers are added by usual way
1 +1 = 2
 But a further summation, with the result of “three” is not recognized.
In the future, no matter how many items are not summarized, the result is always the same - unity - a single continuum.
1 +1 +1 +1 = 1
3 +1 = 1
  How does it work?
How can it be possible not to admit that when you summarize three units  you got three?
 Consider it in details:
You really have  three pencils, and  you can count them using  usual arithmetic addition and get three.

But you, for whatever reason, do not want to acknowledge the obvious.
 Then you can use the demagogic methods and come up with a confusing rationale.
For example, the following:
"I do not know how to count next non-existent pencil. But if I do not know where it is, it does not mean  that it is not existed.
Consequently, the pencils are not three. "
 It is not clear, but it works.

Everyone can distinguish fictional objects  from existing ones  (present from absent) – with the  help  of  brain, but after a proper suggestion – some people lost  their ability to think  and are not very sure  that the three pencil are three pencils
and the number of pencils is considered  as unknown.

  This approach is supported by such famous scientists as Michio Kaku, academic Cherepashchuk,  Nobel Prize winner  Zhores Alferov.
Academic summation is a very important way of addition of the buttocks (units). 
 The entire cosmology of the 20th century is based on this method . A large part of modern physics is based on academic summation.
  In the academic summation is only one drawback -It was built outside of the scientific method and now it is a pseudo-science in its purest form.

In the terms of the scientific method academic summation is the idiotic summation. Idiotic summation is not huhry-muhry for you.
It is the main line of science.

 Idiotic summation by itself  - is a great way to fool the brain  of students.

If a student can’t count even three pencils, it means he won’t be able to exactly count three dimensions of space.
 Let’s consider it in detail.
After refusing the real result of summing three pencils, it is necessary to make further whirling of brain. To this purpose abstract entity is added to the pencils, for example, memories about the pencils.
  Everything in nature is closely  connected for example past time, memories and time.

 As a result you have three real pencils and memories about them that are needed  to be  add  to pencils.
And no matter how you do this, the result is known in advance. Is is one - One continuum.
That is,
3 +1 = 1 unit
3 +48 = 1 

  As memories about pencils are not evident on it can be done as follow:
One pencil. Two pencil. Three pencil. And plus faск.
   Do not worry, nobody will notice anything.
We have a whole ministry of education that does not see anything.
 And If we use the so called Idiotic summation we can add any number of fa
Two fa
Three fa
However from three we always get one.

The quality of the continuum will not change.
Do not be surprised, the space-time continuum has turned out by this way.
We took one pencil (geometric dimension) at an angle, then the second and third ones, added a pencil memories - the time and have a wonderful space-time continuum.
And now several generations of cattle, may desperately believe in this fact.

And after we faсked all pencils we did’t find faсks among them, as well as we didn’t find the memories of faсks or time among them. 
There is no  memories between the first and the second pencil, or between the second and third one. 
But now it is possible to Go crazy safely.
After adding memory pencil should be bent Look more attentive, it  is not so straight as line. It  is the curvature of space-time.
Now let’s consider the continuum method itself in detail
 Continuum is absence of interruptions .
 Let’s take a pencil.
 One pencil itself - is a continuum, a pencil is really continuous.
Let’s unite the pencil in common continuum with something else.
Let’s add a herring to the pencil.
 A herring itself is also a continuum,
because herring consists of only of herring and it is also continuous, and continuity of this continuum.

 Now it is necessary to unite a herring and a pencil in one common continuous (in a continuum).
 But there is one problem - the concept of a pencil and herring are different.

Herring is not a slate and wood, and can not be a continuum with a pencil
The second problem is the interface.
Where the pencil touches the herring, the continuity ends. And even if we drove the pencil into the herring, it will be the line, where
the herring is  touching  a pencil.

That’s why to be united in community it is
necessary to choose something common,uniform or something  that is not so concrete and tangible.
For example you can add memories about herring to the pencil continuum. Combine them with a pencil.
There was herring. And we remember about it, and memories are connected with time.
We can say that everything in nature is as interconnected, as the continuum.
Now you can chase the geese, not only the length and breadth, but also from the future into the past.
  All this is possible only with one condition
 If you have previously turned people into cattle.
There is only one way to turn people into cattle - do not give them accurate knowledge.

And really  there is no any elementary  definition of  space in any textbook on physics, math or geometry .
 There is no definition of dimension, there is no definition of place occupied by the body.
 And of course there is no continuum method.
  It is important to note the following
 Besides the fraud in geometry the continuumn method isn’t  used anywhere else.
So, this continuum dirty is  invented and used for the only  fraud in geometry  .
How does the continuum method work in practice?
We can demonstrate an example.
If you take a great appendix and sew it to my grandmother, you can get a great grandmother apendiks’s continuum.
Taat’s why you can confidently lie that the grandmother’s shadow is very similar to the grandfather’s shadow and he will be able to inseminate the whole neighborhood.

Then the geese are born by beavers from this grandfather will be able to dig wormholes, and through the wormhole to get to the singularity that immediately will provide the dark matteria.  

Of course, that to be inspired  by these "prospects" nobody will remember how the continuum corresponds  to the scientific method.

Quotes from lectures of academic Cherepashchuk:
"This is a leaf. This is the two - dimensional model of our three - dimensional world. "
2 = 3
"Here we have it twisted. And so on curved space so we can travel. This is a very long time. But we can create wormhole and through this wormhole to cross from one area to another in some seconds . 
Wormhole tunnel is the space-time. In the wormhole can come in and walk out there "
A. Cherepashchuk.
 "Shit maynot be untasted, because millions of flies can not be wrong"                                                       
Elbert Aynshteyn
 It should be noted that the continuum method of summation is not a monopoly. 
In order to introduce its own method of summation any citizen needs only to dial the brigade of stupid man and implement them into the Academy of Sciences.
After their coming to the power    the super technology will necessary win.
They almost win. Because the examination of high technology projects is headed by the wonderful person , a great expert in continuum summation.
That’s why there is no need to worry about super technology. The result is predictable.
 Commitment to the continuum does not depend on understanding of the subject, but on the suggestibility of the individual.
The greater the suggestibility the greater continuum dependence .
If your teacher believes in a continuum seriously, it means that in front of you there is a creature  that is unable to think, that has come to turn you into the cattle.
If you are a teacher that believes in a continuum seriously it means that
transformation into the  cattle has been successfully held.

After mastering continuum method, you can safely assume irresponsible, tell nonsense, count   uncounted, and develop science in general to the top of idiocy. 
It is especially easy to do if you are not able to count to three. 
It is important to note that the stories about practical aspects of Relativity  theory  are lies.

It is a fairy tale invented by cattle to cattle.

It is realy lie. For all positions, without exception, including the most recent ones like dzhipies.
 There is no any dependence on Relativity theory - it's a fairy tale for blondes. 
There is no and never will be any single device or the device that depends on relativity theory.

No one instrument was created during 100 years of rotation of this mindless theory.
You can wait for another 100 - 200 – 300 years.
It depends on your wishes to wait. How much do you want?

"There is only one purpose to issue student’s  books, containing false information. It is the destruction of fragile students’ psyche, the development of  inferiority complex before the" genius "of schizophrenics and simply Scoundrels"
                                                          One good man.
Victor Katyushchik
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